Enjoy free shipping on NZ orders over $149 and Australian orders over $299

Enjoy free shipping on NZ orders over $149 and Australian orders over $299.

Hat Sizing

Please be sure to measure your head size before purchasing. Please do not refer to a hat you have purchased in the past – the hat sizing in centimetres will be stated under each product in the description. To figure out your hat size, measure your head with a tape measure about 2-3cm above your eyebrows where you want your hat to rest (a piece of string, phone charger or anything you can measure against a ruler will also work).

See below for our hat sizing guide.

All our hat fabrics are rated UPF50+ and we have provided information about this below.

Hat Sizing Guide

We have provided our hat sizing in both CM and inches. Please refer to the image and instructions on how to measure your head.

Electric Pukeko Hat Size CM Inches
S - Small 54cm 21 1/4"
S-M - Small/Medium 55cm 21 2/3"
M-L - Medium/Large 57cm 22 4/9"
L-XL - Large/Extra Large 59cm 23 2/9"
XL-XXL - Extra Large/2 XL 61cm 24"
2XL-3XL 62cm / 63cm 24 4/5"
  • S, S-M: If you measure smaller than 54cm, please add hat filler to your order to custom fit your hat.
  • M-L: is our standard or “average” head size. Most of the range is available in this size. 
  • L-XL: Most of the range is available in this size.
  • XL-2XL: Most of our Wide brims & Mens range is available in this size.
  • 2XL-3XL: This size will either measure 62cm or 63cm circumference, this will be stated in the description of the hat.  Limited styles available in this size.
  • Please read the description of the hat for sizing measurements, not relying on the drop down menu.  Some hats can be a cm smaller or larger which will be noted in the description. 
  • If you have any questions about your head size get in touch at sales@electricpukeko.co.nz

Staying Sun Safe

UPF 50+

We all know how harsh our New Zealand sun can be, and how important it is to select the correct hat for you to protect yourself from the elements. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. If you work outdoors or take part in any outdoor activities you should always wear a hat for sun protection.

Our hat fabrics have been independently tested to the New Zealand standard AS/NZS 4399:2017 and rated UPF50+, the highest rating for excellent sun protection.

What is UPF 50+ all about:

The UPF rating indicates how well the material blocks ultraviolet radiation from the sun, also known as solar ultraviolet radiation (UVR). The higher the UPF rating, the more solar UVR gets blocked by the material and the less exposure to solar UVR you will receive.

Classifications of UPF ratings:

Minimum 15
Good 30
Excellent 50, 50+; this is what all Electric Pukeko’s hat fabrics are rated at

Sun protection tips:

If you are after the best sun protection possible we recommend our wide brimmed ladies and mens styles, wide brim wool hats, bucket hats and leggionaire caps, as these hats provide the most coverage and are excellent sun protection for the face, eyes, ears, and the back of the neck. A brim size of 6cm or more is sufficient. Be sure to always wear sunscreen and cover up with correct clothing for the elements.

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